Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton have created a lot of musical magic together. The entire music world has benefited from the combination of these two superstars and the collaborations they have made. Perhaps there has been none bigger than the monster hit "Islands in the Stream". I don't think karaoke bars would even exist if it weren't for this song.

I am not sure the Bee Gees had any idea how huge of a hit they had written or how it would propel Kenny and Dolly to the top of the music world and top of the charts. They reached a whole new level of super-stardom with this one.

Thirty three years ago, back in 1983 this all time classic reached platinum status and it was very well earned. This one of those songs that will live forever. Check out Kenny and Dolly doing their magic and listen to the Bee Gees do their take on it too.