Todd Harding, TSM

On my recent visit to Kemmerer, Wyoming, I had the honor and privilege of visiting a couple of spots where the Oregon Trail ran through Southwestern, Wyoming. It was one of the shortcuts were pioneers could trim a few days off their trip. The cool part is that those who did pass by left their names in the rock walls of the cliffs.

We visited Emigrant Springs, where you can still see signs of the Oregon Trail. You can can also see hundreds of names carved into the rock walls. Some of travelers even wrote their names in axle grease. The oldest name we found at Emigrant Springs was from 1851.

We also visited Names Hill, where you can find the most famous name of all carved into the rock. It is trapper and explorer Jim Bridger. The date on that inscription was 1844. It is amazing that it still exists. My wife and I took a bunch of pictures to share.