Jenny Harding, For TSM

I learned a lot of things on our recent trip to Kemmerer, Wyoming. One of the things I learned was their favorite sport is shooting. They have great hunting in Kemmerer, but you can go shooting without killing anything and that is just what we did. We went to a shooting range that used to be an open pit coal mine. It was secluded, but still not too far from town.

Our buddy Jeremy brought a bunch of guns for us to shoot. I got to shoot a P22, a 9mm Glock, an AR-15, and AK-47 and a 308. My wife and I both shot at the same target. Let's just say more of her bullets hit the target than mine. Yes, my wife is a better shot than me.

Jenny took pics of me firing all the guns, just to prove I did it. I have no proof I ever actually hit the target.