What is the Northern Colorado Photo of the Day?

There are few places more beautiful than right here in Northern Colorado; I don't have to tell you, I know. That being said, we see amazing pictures of Colorado all of the time, whether it be an amazing sunrise, an elk in Estes Park or a shot of our beautiful city. Any photo that you find amazing from our neck of the woods, we want to see! We'll pick a photo to feature on our website each weekday and D will give you recognition on-air for your awesome submission if we choose your photo. Full details along with the prize that you can win just for submitting a photo can be found on our official announcement of the Northern Colorado Photo of the Day.

Earn Points in the Country Club too!

Additionally D will annouce a word corresponding to the Photo of the Day that everyone can enter into the Country Club for your chance to win prizes like gift cards, concert tickets & more. The Country Club is 100% Free to Join & you can even login with your facebook account. You'll get exclusive information from K99 before anyone else!

Friday's Featured Photo from Betsy Hill

Photo Taken by Betsy Hill of Fort Collins

Betsy and her fiance' love to get out and hike, picnic and simply soak in the beauty of Northern Colorado, they were breathless when they stumbled upon this site and I think they captured it perfectly.

Thursday's Featured Photo from Bonnie Thomas of Fort Collins

Photo Taken by Bonnie Thomas of Fort Collins

Bonnie and her husband Steve love to take the family around Fort Collins and all of Noco, can you guess where they were on this day?

Wednesday's Featured Photo from Sybil Ennis of Estes Park

Photo Taken By Sybil Ennis of Estes Park

Sybil Ennis sent us this picture of baby Bighorn Sheep with their mothers that she took back in 2012; so cute!!! The photo was taken on Highway 34 near the Drake turn-off.