It has been a difficult week for D Dennison. This week marked the two-year death anniversary of her two youngest children. They were killed in a head-on collision with a semitrailer hauling a full load of frac sand in North Dakota.

Ashley and Colton 2 Year Memorial 62214

It was a day to celebrate the lives of Ashley and Colton, both Rocky Mountain High School students.

Family and friends gathered for a barbecue with bright colors, balloons, a candy bar, brats and games. The games included snake in the can, water shooting vessels and peg board table games, all in honor of Colton; he was quite the practical joker and loved games. There were butterflies and nostalgic candies, along with Funyuns and orange soda for Ashley.

Attendees gathered and laughed, and then they cried and laughed some more. Others also added a little World Cup watching to the mix.

At dusk, balloons were given to each attendee with the instructions to write a note to one or both of them. The ribbons were cut from most of them, D said a few words and the group, all at once, released the balloons into the air. As they reached higher into the sky, the crowd grew quite, lost in their memories of Ashley and Colton and remembering who they were, what they meant to so many and how much they are missed daily.

It's hard to believe that two years have passed. D has made it through this time because of you and her close friends and family. Although she continues to struggle with all of the unanswered questions, she finds some comfort in knowing that most people have not forgotten her angels. She witnesses the mark they left on this world almost daily. Thank you for whatever part you've played in her continued walk.

If she brags a little too much about her Zachariah and his up-and-coming band or Natasha and her outstanding GPA and Colorado State University path, if you didn't know before, maybe it makes more sense now.