It is one of the questions that causes arguments all over the globe. We have all sung “Deck the Halls” thousands of times in our lives but have you ever counted the “La’s”? This sounds like it could be a very quick and fun holiday drinking game. You must take a slug of eggnog every time you sing “La” in “Deck the Halls”. I remember in broadcasting school in Minneapolis we used to watch the Bob Newhart Show and drink whenever they said “Hi Bob”. We would also watch Scarface and drink whenever Al Pacino swore. That was always an ugly outcome but I digress, let’s get back to the “La’s”.

I tried counting all of them and by my count I get 96. That would make it a very dangerous drinking game but fun to watch for a couple minutes. Try it yourself. Listen and let me know how many “La’s” you come up with. Merry Christmas!!!