It's a new world we live in!  Twitter?  Never in a million years.  Well, that million years went by quick and I was the one guy who said "Why?" when it came to Twitter.  After many months now of helping to manage the K99 Twitter account, I get it.  So, let's TWEET!


Let's face it, if Journey 4 Justice was a fly by night group, we wouldn't be tweeting.  We are here to stay as long as need be and be the thorn in the side of the westboro baptist church...Someone has to!

Journey 4 Justice has actually had a Twitter account for some time but I have never thought much about it and now after seeing it work first hand and seeing the long term results, it does work and a great way to share info quick and to many at one time but the trick is to get those to follow you.

So, this is my plea!

If  you have a Twitter account please follow us: @journey4justice and we promise to follow you back.

I know a MILLION is a tall order but when you think about it...there are at least a million people across the country who feel the same way I do about the westboro baptist church so please follow us and have your friends follow.  I'd even be happy with 10,000.

Let's Tweet!