Last weekend it was the birthday of Nebraska 2 TL Ron Martin and he brought over a dozen of his friends to celebrate in Topeka and this past weekend was another birthday.  Texas 3 TL Gary Fortner br0ught 18 of his friends for another celebration in Topeka.  Boy, do 'they' love us in Topeka!

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words and here are several thousands words to look at. Hard to beat pictures so I will let them speak for themselves.  I am hoping for a story from Texas 3 that I can post on Tuesday.

One thing I can pass along is that the westboro baptist church changed their "service" times once again. They now claim that service time is DAILY from 7a, to 5pm.  {Used to be till 3:30PM daily till last weekend} So, I guess we'll be there now at 5:30PM.  Does anyone in Topeka who has a government job care that they are allowed to get away with their BS?