I haven't spoken much about Journey 4 Justice lately but it's not because we have slowed down or not waving flags in Topeka during the winter because nothing could be further from the truth. Fact of the matter is Team Topeka and others are out every single weekend regardless of weather and temperature and I can't tell you how that humbles me.  But there is also another reason I am humbled and it's hard to put into words so I will try and do so with pictures.

It's true.! Journey 4 Justice has been out on the street corners of Topeka every weekend despite what Mother Nature throws at them.  For all those people I am forever grateful beyond words but then this week I see more pictures that I just can't even put words to.  I am me getting a J4J tattoo was natural but for other to do the same?  Wow...powerful stuff!

I thought these 3 pics were some of the coolest I have ever seen and wanted to share them.

It started with Ron Martin, the TL {team leader} for Nebraska 2 a few weeks ago when he decided to become a "lifer" and put some J4J ink on his body.  Ron is a father of 4 and Grandfather of 1. He and his wife Michelle have been happily married for 14 year.   Ron and his entire family are true American Patriots and red blooded folk raised in the great heartland!  Ron was raised in Kearney and now resides in Harvard raising his beautiful family.









Then Came Brad Forney also from Nebraska 2 in the Kearney area who not about to be outdone and slammed one on for himself.










That was followed by Brad's son, Preston, also a very active member of Nebraska 2.  Preston is one of the best kids you'll ever meet with a heart of Gold!  He lives in Harvard as well and is a Senior with plans on attendin gSoutheast Community College in Beatrice Nebraska majoring in Criminal Justice. He loves to shoot trap and go hunting on the weekends and a red blooded American all the way!