Another amazing weekend in Topeka Kansas for Journey 4 Justice as Nebraska 2 sent 15 members to Topeka and Oklahoma 2 rode into town two consecutive weeks. But more importantly we proved again that the Topeka Police Department't primary concern is not to uphold the law but to make sure they don't 'upset' the westboro baptist church bullies. Another weekend of things that would land you or I in jail or at the very least a ticket and a date with the judge!

Here is what happened on Saturday the 21st in the words of Richard Wilder who is married to Sonya Wilder, the TL for Team Topeka. Also witnessing these events were members of Nebraska 2 and Oklahoma 2.

Didnt go to jail on my birthday! I guess thats a good thing. Cops were called on us for being on their sidewalk when they showed up and told us to leave so I politley told them we had every right to be there and we weren't going anywhere. When the second one showed he had to look up the ordinance so Sonya got them out of her car for the officer! Needless to say we didnt leave!

Then this happened on Sunday the 22nd:

Then on sunday when "they" [we call members of the wbc cult 'them' or 'they' trying to never acknowledge them by name unless necessary] were yelling across the street at people going to church so yours truly called the cops on them for disturbing the peace! When the cops showed up and sat 1 block away I walked down to him and asked if he was there for the complaint and he said he couldnt hear anything! WELL I LOST IT AND WENT POSTAL on him.  I wont repeat what was said. Anyway, all is good.

Richard, your killing us here.  Now we HAVE to know what you said.  Thanks for having a pair and finally calling their bluff.  It's only a matter of time before the Topeka PD will be forced into doing what they are paid to do with taxpayer money.

!!! DO YOUR JOB !!!

Richard "Clyde" Wilder is my new hero...