I know many of you may be sick and tired of me talking about Journey 4 Justice this and Journey 4 Justice that but it's my passion and I will keep talking about until you join our group and become a part of our solution.  Today though, I wanted to introduce you to one of our members that may even have more passion than I when it come to doing what we do.

I would like to introduce to you the Team Leader for our latest team:  Team Ohio 1 and Mr Erik Jon Barrett.

Erik is one of the most amazing people I have never met.  He eats, breaths and eats this Journey 4 Justice thing daily.  I am NOT taking anything away from any of our members but Erik is on fire man.  His bags and bike is already packed for our National Rally next weekend and he and his wife Julie are just chomping at the bit to make the trip to Topeka.  We have teams coming from all across the country:  Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Mississippi, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and all points in between.

Anyway {I get sidetracked easily these days} I wanted to show you a video he put together for us last night.  Actually it's second one but I really wanted to share this one with you as it really shows the passion of all our members and what we are trying to do with our fight with the WBC. {We call them Wet Burros}  And for all our J4J teams out there wanting to put together a team page on FB his page is the perfect model of how it should be done. Please do me a favor if you are reading this and go "like" their team page.  Just follow this link.

Now that you have "liked" their team page, please take a few minutes and watch this video.  Erik always uses his standard "talent disclaimer" of just barely at the campfire level when it comes to singing but Erik, you have never heard me sing so you are WAY above the campfire sing along level.  Make sure to watch it to the very end...the last line is my favorite!

And if you haven't already please visit and sign up as a member on our official website and give us a like on Facebook.