Almost time for the 2012 J4J National Rally in Topeka KS as many of us gather from states all across the country to stop by and pay our respects on the doorstep of America's Most Hated family. There is strength in numbers and if you too would like to do something many are scared of even trying this is your chance and a chance to see old friends we haven't seen for a year. I am more pumped than I thought...


No, you won't end up in jail! No, you won't be ticketed and/or fined!  Yes, you will fee like a million bucks for standing up to hate and expressing YOUR right of free speech. Yes, you will be hated by them for it and you will never love to be more loathed than the members of Journey 4 Justice are.

So here is your chance.  If you agree that the members of the westboro baptist church are lower than scum then stand up and be heard.  Do what they DON'T want you to do and join us on their doorstep and on their turf. Don't just sit at home and talk about how bad they are unless you are willing to get up off your couch and try and make a difference.

Live music both Friday and Saturday night with Josh Vowell and the Rumble and Swift Kick. RV/Trailer camping with full hook-ups, plenty of tent space in a beautiful setting, Saturday/Sunday breakfast and showers on site.

100 members have committed to the 2012 National Rally already and we hope you will join us and represent YOUR state with fervor and passion and if you do commit make sure to pack your State flag.

Many think this is just a 'motorcycle' group and that is far from the truth.  Truth of the matter is that it's just the most affordable and fun way to get to Topeka.  We have  had members fly, drive and carpool.  It doesn't matter how you get there as long as you get there.  Genia Meyer is a great example:  Genia packed her 'vespa' in a mini-van and made the trip to last years rally from Sugar Land Texas, 755 miles one way!

Many states  have already committed including:  {Chances are good for Kentucky and Arkansas as well}

  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Nebraska
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Indiana

The Clubhouse Inn and Suites which is the best deal in town and a straight shot down Hwy 75 a few miles to the rally site and Gage park has offered our members a big discount and rooms for J4J Members for 0nly $59 [based on availability] so I would get to booking your rooms quickly.  Huge lobby with internet work stations, full breakfast including eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, waffles, potatoes etc, free drinks and a beautiful [big] pool/gazebo area.  {The irony is when this deal was made for $59 there were only 59 days left to the rally; like it was meant to be.}

For more details on the National Rally including the Topeka KOA and rally schedule just click on the FB Event Page or visit our official website.