Seems like it's been a year already with what we have accomplished in this amazing group but to think of what we have done in just 2 months is mind boggling.  Then throw in a National Rally and well, it's just over the top.  

We now have about 3000 people across the country following us now including Paul Teutul Jr., true story.  We have well over 30 state teams from all across the country representing over 2 dozen states and just added Team Texas 3.  You can visit our website and see all the team locations on the Google map at the bottom of the page.

The National Rally is set for September 9th through the 11th in and around Topeka KS with members riding, flying and driving in from as far away as New York, Ohio and Hawaii and all points in between.

Registration will be Friday starting around 3pm at Chunkie Dunkers in the Grainery Saloon this year outside Topeka in Ozawkie Kansas. {9252 Apple Valley Lane, Ozawkie Kansas 66070} We will have special deals on food and drink for rally members and live music from FastTrack who is coming down from Omaha to play the gig.

Saturday we will have Sunrise services at the rally site and then everyone is off on Flag Patrols across Topeka and a big poker run that ends back at the rally site.  Our "Flag Patrols" will cover 15 different street corners, churches and business' that the WBC commonly pickets.  The day will feature live music from Josh Vowell & The Rumble starting at 4pm which is honestly one of the best blues bands I have ever heard.

Sunday we will have Sunrise services again at the rally site and back to Topeka for more flag patrols throughout the day.

We are a full 501C3 non-profit aimed at shutting down the Westtboro Baptist Church or drastically changing the way they do things and we have already made a huge impact on that vile "church."  Here is what we have done:

  • They used to have "services" Sunday from 10am to 3pm.  Now, they claim they have "service" EVERYDAY from 7am to 3pm to try and keep us away. But as you can see in this video, they NEVER answer their door.  I thought this was a "public" church? We used to just walk their sidewalk and wave flags on Sundays but since they changed their service time we are now there on Saturday as well till dark.  BACKFIRE and another win for TEAM AMERICA!
  • When we first started this "journey" they always had their small children with them. Well, no more.  Now you only see the older kids who are already brainwashed.  In my opinion, they are not taking the small children anymore because kids at that age are very impressionable and I think they don't want these kids exposed to all the support we kid as they might "get ideas and think for themselves"
  • You have seen all the foul signs the WBC carries?  Well, now they made signs for us like "Bikers are Cowards" and stuff like that.  I have never been more honored at this one and it's ironic the only ones who run when we show up are the WBC members who scatter like cockroaches.

Are we making a difference?  HUGE and it is very noticeable.  The bottom line is that this foul and vile "church" has no idea what to do with us since everything we do is 100% according to the law and our class, style and dignity is something they just don't understand.  No one has ever fought them on their own turf and by their rules and it seems as we are WINNING!

Who is ready for Phase II?