Many have asked how the Journey 4 Justice National Rally went last weekend and all I can say is it was a huge success.  I am feverishly working on a complete and thorough blog with a TON of incredible pictures and some video I think you will all enjoy and it will be done by Friday at the latest.

I wanted share one of my favorite pics with you here today as this captured a lot of what our weekend was like.

The "silhouette" was provided by Missouri 5  team member Gene-O Overhoff and the pictured was captured by Indiana 1 team member Emelie Tramm.  This was during our moment of silence at Gage Park Sunday morning September 11th.

Here is a video, courtesy of Phat Ratt Photography from Denver, on how our weekend went in Topeka.  Yes, we were heard; more than once!

Please make sure to check tomorrow or Friday for the complete story of our amazing group of people who literally traveled from all over the country this past weekend.  Some of the most amazing pictures and stories to come along all year and if you haven't already please give us a like on Facebook and register as a member on our official website.