It may sound a little far-fetched to say the smells in my favorite place-the barn-are aroma,
but the hay, the horses, the leather tack and sweet feed really make up for the manure smell.

My guest this month is Jason Whaley, a hospitalist at NCMC and he tells us some of
the smells that are therapeutic in the healing process. Watch the video to find out what they are.

Speaking of Aromatherapy, I'd love you to join me for 'Sugar and Spice and Every Smell Nice!'

As the holiday season approaches, NCMC Spirit of Women wishes you the gift of good health and SMELL-being! Join  experts and experience the fragrance of the season through aromatherapy. Learn how clinicians employ the use of essential oils, then take a whiff while enjoying creative hands-on activities!

Tuesday, Dec. 10 - 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
NCMC Auditorium
Space is limited; pre-registration is required.
Call (970) 392-2222 or email