I must have watched Grease 100 times and consider it one of my all time favorite movies. Who doesn't love the music and all the great characters in this American classic. I know they made a Grease 2 with different people but it was quite lame. We have always wondered what it would be like if Danny and Sandy reunited...now we know and it ain't pretty. The 2 stars have gotten together to record this new slice of holiday fruitcake. This truly is not the one that I want. Todd recently did a blog on his five worst Christmas songs and I have to think if he would have waited a few days that this one would make his list as well.

Let's start by remembering why we fell in love with them in the first place. An original timeless classic from Grease.

Now let's check out the gut wrenchingly cheesy video for the new single "I Think You Might Like It".