John Rich has changed my tune. I have always respected John Rich as an artist, from back in the day when he was with Lonestar on their debut album to his forming of the monster duo Big & Rich. I have to say though that the image and reputation I had seen and heard of John, was that he was a bit of a jerk. I have also been told that the John Rich of today has mellowed, due to the birth of his child, and just has become a more pleasant person. That is the John Rich I have seen on Celebrity Apprentice.

I think John has played the game perfectly, much like Boston Rob just did on Survivor. He has been brilliant in every task no matter what his role is and has raised a ton of money for St. Judes. He has been total class in his actions and looks and makes me proud to be in country music. The way he has represented our format and stood up for country folks on the show has been heroic. I hope John is the big winner come Sunday because he has certainly earned it. My only regret on the show so far is that I wish he would have punched Piers Morgan in the face when he said his cowboy hat was “annoying”.

As you watch Celebrity Apprentice you can tell that the guys on Team Backbone really get along well and have developed a real respect and friendship amongst each other. That friendship is so real that John along with team members Meatloaf, Lil John and Mark McGrath have recorded a hip-hop, country, pop rock tune called “Standing In The Storm” which is available on iTunes and all the profits of the song will be split among the guys charities that they support. John Rich you make me proud to be in country music. Thank you for representing us with class and win it all Sunday night. Who do think will be the Celebrity Apprentice, John Rich or Marlee Matlin?

Here is a preview of the song "Standing In The Storm".  (Warning: It's not exactly Country)