I won't wave the flag of grace loud and proud, I can be a bit clumsy at times, but really! My embarrassing moment revealed.


Last Thursday My James and I flew out to Nashville to attend the wedding of a dear friend, we were all excited. We arrived at the airport in perfect time, security was a breeze, the waiting was short and our breakfast on the run was fresh and fast. Then it's time to board... I always have a difficult time in that I typically still have my i.d. out, which you don't need and then messing with my boarding pass. Well, this trip I had an assigned seat and because I printed it at home and didn't tear it in two, one for me one for the airline when the nice lady took my boarding pass. She said and now you get to remember 6B, okay?! That comment was not necessary, right? It did however fill my brain for a minute... 6B ... 6B... 6B okay, I got it... then I am putting my i.d. back in my bag and just as I walk down the jetway. I look up and I have veered off to the edge and KABOOM!!!!!! Yep, fell flat on my face with my knee planting itself right into the side metal track.

D Dennison-TSM

The whole flight to Nashville it was bleeding (slight over exaggeration) and throbbing.  In fact the entire trip it caused me problems, thanks to my new friend Alexis who happened to have an antibacterial ointment and band-aids (okay she actually bought them for me) and my other new friend Megan who is a nurse who also help bandage me during the trip. Yes, you should know, I am a sissy with this stuff.

Back to the Jetway, this is husband advice. Help your wife up and don't say a word, pretend it didn't happen... yes, that's right, pretend the 50 people in front of you didn't turn around and stare at your wife while she was in agony from pain and humiliation... I know you care for her and she is grateful, but her embarrassment will take over and she may snap at you, forgive her for this and go back to pretending that it never happened.

****BONUS HUMILIATION: I got the pat down on the way home, yep flagged by security, I passed by the way. :P