Jerry Sandusky, the human scumbag pile of feces is already asking for a new trial. Really? How did we not see this coming? I think ole Jerry is a little worried about the prison justice that awaits him; he knows it's coming and we can't wait.  But Jerry, you will still rot in hell!

Sandusky and his team are now claiming they didn't have enough time to 'prepare' and some of the convictions weren't valid since the 'statute of limitations' had expired.  Seems like his dream team would have brought this up BEFORE they went to trial?

A spokesman for the attorney general's office said,

the Sandusky filing was under review.

The dirt bag was convicted of 45 counts of "sex abuse on a child."  Even if you throw out all but one of them, he is still a waste of human life and should rot in prison never to see the light of day.

That's my opinion and to see 'prison justice' within the year would cause me no loss of sleep at all.

Rot in hell Jerry!