The very beautiful and talented Jana Kramer is at it again and releases a new single called "Whiskey" that isn't at all what you think. When it comes to talent, Kramer has a lot of it.

The debut album for Jana Kramer has done her well so far with the first single, "Why Ya Wanna," reaching #3 on the country charts.  But will acting get in her way or will she focus primarily on being a singer.  I am thinking you can't do both and be on top of both those games.

Kramer has a good thing going. One worries if a television or movie role could pull her away from her Nashville focus, but if the 28-year-old can continue to build momentum slowly, she could find herself among the top female vocalists in country music in three to five years. However, the allure of big and small screen work has proved to be too seductive on more than one occasion for other young female artists in years past. - Taste of Country

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