Jagger is a big joyful dog who just loved interacting with us. He is food motivated in that he didn't seem to understand the basic 'sit' command until there was a treat handy. I get that. Sweet and beautiful he's a mix of boxer and lab and is a gorgeous brindle. A big heart and over the top playfulness will do well with an active human as he'll want to be in the mix at all times. Jagger is just a year old.

Tabitha is a Tortie Tiger cat and is 7 years old.  She showed us her sweet disposition and independence, purring all the while. One of her eyes may have been injured at some point but that certainly doesn't detract from her delightful presence at the shelter.  Imagine how happy she'll be in her home with you.

And life is just better with Peanut Butter...wouldn't you love this 4-month-old baby rabbit?

Thank you Madi - behind the camera - and Jason at Larimer Humane Society for letting us come play.

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