I admit that I was a rather difficult student in school. I am easily distracted and bored and need my senses stimulated and feel a passion for something or I am just not interested. That was a difficult attitude for a teacher to deal with. Most of my teachers while I was growing up just put up with me and couldn't wait until I was out of their class. There were also a select few who saw something special in me and knew if they went about it right, they could get it out of me. They took the time to learn how to teach ME. There are not that many teachers in your lifetime who will actually take the time to do that. I am grateful to those who did.

Today is World Teacher Day. I want to take a moment on this day to thank the two teachers that stand out in my mind as being the ones who really took the time to care about getting to my brain. I thank my poetry and creative writing teacher Mrs. Reuhl (which I am sure I spelled wrong) and Mr. Pins who taught Current Affairs and some other classes. These two high school teachers actually made me care about learning and doing a good job for them. Do you have a teacher that deserves recognition? Why not nominate them for our Teacher Tuesday award? Click the link below and tell us about an awesome teacher in your or your child's life. Thank you to all the great teachers out there. You are appreciated.