It was only a week after the Sandy Hook school shooting before America's Most Hated Family showed up to picket funerals. It's what they do; twist the Constitution and Freedom of Speech to legally picket funerals of soldiers and children. No other hate group in the country would be allowed to do this, so why do we let the Wetburro Baptist Church do it?  Even their signs preach "Hate."  But now the White House has changed the rules.

That may all be changing soon but not unless we hold the feet of the White House to the fire and make them answer the petitions that were submitted to the White House in 2012 for investigation.

I want to point out that in 2012, the top 3 petitions signed (out of 274) were against the Wetburro Baptist Church.

  • 327,474
  • 82,355
  • 76,239

In 2012, the required number of signatures was 25,000.  In 2013, the required number is 100,000.  I assume that is for all petitions across the board to weed out the crack pot petitions. (The most signed petition behind the wbc was limiting pay to Congress and Senators to $75,000 and that wasn't even a 100,000 signatures.)  I also have no way of knowing if the 2012 petitions that met the requirements will be responded to as promised or if the rules have just completely changed, so, lets keep the heat on and not take a chance. Make the White House do what they say and that is to investigate and issue a response to any petitions meeting the required number of signatures. To date, I have not heard even one response to the 2012 petitions.

The Wetburro Baptist Church is the greatest black eye to our Constitution and it's time our Government stood up for the American People and label this cult for what they are, A HATE GROUP plain and simple.  Just because you have the right to "Freedom of Speech" doesn't mean you should always use it and with "Freedom of Speech" comes responsibility.

Below is a contact page for the White House and my hope is you will send a message asking for a response to those 2012 petitions.

I have started another petition to prove a point that we have not forgotten nor will we ever forget.  So the rules have changed, now more than ever, we come together and let them know we demand action.  We need a 100,000 signatures by February 20th so let's make a goal of 500,000 on this petition.  Let's show the White House that we will not let this go and make an attempt to protect and honor our Constitution.

If you see the petition floating around FB please share it on your pages.  Or share this story which has the link to the new petition directly below.  Doesn't matter how you do it, just please do something.

Sign it!  Share it! 500,000 signatures is the goal!  The White House has changed the rules and it doesn't matter who you voted for.  It's time to hold the President accountable for his promises.  I would hope that those of you who voted for the current President would be the first to hold him accountable.