You know the feeling when you find $20 in an old pair of pants or that spare set of reading glasses you haven't seen in years, but knew they never left the house.  It's a 'bonus' that life throws your way.  Today, I had one of those moments.

Charley Barnes, TSM

It was such a beautiful day today that I figured I would do what I have put off for years; gutting my car and cleaning it.

If you really want to clean a car, you do it right and remove the seats. There just isn't any other way to do a nice deep cleaning to your car.

So I removed the passenger seat and got it all vac'd out and ready for some carpet shampoo and then proceeded to do the same on the drivers side.  I removed the seat and before running the shop vac began to pick up all the big chunks and things that have been there since 1996, half expecting to skeletal remains of something.

And what do I spy?

The spare key to the car that has been missing I presume since around 1998.  The guy I bought the car from, a friend of mine, said the gal he bought the car from was never given a spare either.  So that put's it back to the original owner who lost the key.

I have locked myself out 4 times.  $40 each!  Spare key underneath the seat the whole time.

So why not get a spare key you ask?  I would have but the key is 'chipped' and when that word is mentioned 'inexpensive' usually does not follow.  I just didn't have hundreds to spend on a spare key and figured I had at least two more 'lock outs' before I couldn't justify not having a spare anymore.

So go ahead and rip those seats out and see what you find.  Who knows, maybe you did already and found a diamond ring a previous owner lost or something maybe you wish you hadn't found.  Would love to hear about the treasures you have found under your seats.

And speaking of cleaning, maybe a nice set of cleaning supplies are on someone's wish list and if so, here is a list of some great deals happening on Black Friday.