It doesn't happen everyday or it wouldn't be special, but from time to time when at work you just have to whistle.

Recently we got the news that we would have a brand new parking lot. I don't know if you think that's sexy or not, but for those of us who have worked her for over a decade it's a big deal, a big sexy deal.

Our trusted leader sent an email about the new parking lot and then the only cruddy weather we got in over a month happened on the day Connell Resources was to begin delivering our present. It was like waking up on Christmas morning and finding out Santa was stuck in Istanbul and was waiting on a new sled part. A couple of days past and the crew magically appeared. They are fantastic gift bringing people indeed.

The Connell Resources crew started with our East driveway. This is the kind of drive that you had to Flintstone your way out, you know, put your arms out the side windows and lift up so that your car body didn't scrape. I lost a doo hickey once going out that driveway, you know the little doo hickey thing that holds the road guard thing a ma bob underneath the front of the vehicle to protect it from road stuff?!? Well anyway, the driveway is perfect now. I actually went in and out of the driveway last Saturday five times, it was like my favorite ride at Disney World. YES, I am being a little dramatic, but this has been a huge issue for a long time-remember, its the little things-ALWAYS. (at work and at home, just saying)

Today, our new driveway has been laid. It was smelly most of the day, even in the building and a few times it got quite loud, but the end result is like a black top ice rink. No pot holes and No uneven dippity doos... this parking lot is a vehicle Heaven on Earth. (if you are making fun of me, you have never been to the parking lot before and its time you start winning some prizes and come see us)

Like a new coffee pot or a variety pack of tea bags... or a full candy dispenser of tasty sugary treats or a new paper towel dispenser... this is big stuff in the work world. I see out my studio window now others going out to look at the beauty of the new parking lot. Its a great day at K99!

Thank you Connell Resources, you guys did a great job!