There are a few issues on the ballot that might change your life and the deadline is tomorrow at 7pm to voice your vote.


If you're 18 and have been in Colorado for at least 22 days put your vote to work.

  • Amendment 66: This is a big one and I'm sure you've seen the advertisements and the corner sign holders for weeks now. Some say this is a great boost for schools, boosting funds and bringing back old programs resulting in better education for our children. Others say it's just another way to increase taxes for an entity that doesn't know how to properly spend the money they do have. All I can say is read the literature, don't count on advertisements and sign holders to tell you what you should be doing with your vote.
  • Prop AA: The taxation of Marijuana wholesale/retail, I don't think anyone will disagree that taxation is a good idea as with all other like substances, ie: alcohol and tobacco. But this is one of those "voter beware" issues. I'm not saying ya or nay, that isn't my job here, I'm just telling you what's up for your vote, but reminding you that sometimes you have to read more than just the title to know what's inside.
  • Ballot Issue 1A: (Larimer County)This issue really has no opposition and looks to be, yes, I know the danger in that phrase when dealing with an election, but it seems to be one of those issues that are what they are without any confusing verbiage.

Should the county be allowed to build a new building or remodel a building replacing the former Loveland Public Library building (6th and Cleveland Avenue), and now used for license plate office, health services, and more, in Loveland, CO? []

  • Ballot Issue 2A-Proposed Citizen-Initiated Ordinance: (Fort Collins) This is the big Fracking issue that has been buzzing around seemingly every public place in Fort Collins for weeks. It's an issue that really requires you to dig a little deeper to get the hard facts, you won't find a magical answer to this issue just lying on the surface.

If approved, this measure would establish an ordinance prohibiting for five years the use of hydraulic facturing, the controversial method of extracting oil and gas known as fracking, and prohibiting for the same time the storage of any waste products associated with fracking in the city limits. This measure is on the ballot through citizen initiative petition. The ordinance potentially approved by Question 2A also calls for studies and research on whether there are in fact harmful effects that might come from fracking.[1][2] []

This election is a mail-in ballot election, but if you still have your ballot sitting on your dinning table or kitchen island, there is still time to be heard.

DROP OFF LOCATIONS: (Larimer County)

  • Larimer County Courthouse, 200 West Oak Street
  • Loveland Motor Vehicle Branch Office, 205 East 6th Street
  • Estes Park Motor Vehicle Branch Office, 170 MacGregor Avenue
  • Loveland Police and Courts Building, 810 East 10th Street
  • King Soopers, 2602 S. Timberline Rd, 1842 N. College and 1275 Eagle Drive
  • Safeway, 2160 West Drake Rd, 1426 E. Harmony Rd.