Every Mothers Day I hit the nursery and spend way too much time and money (thank you honey) on the perfect assortment of flowers and greenery for my annual flower pot on my porch. There is something to be said of traditions, they warm the heart.

D Dennison-TSM- Annual Flower Pot 2013 1

Here's how it goes every year... buy the plants, let the plants sit on porch till they are begging for water, think about planting and then plant (usually out of shear fear that all the money you just spent three days ago is going to die with your beautiful flowers)

This morning I woke up really early for me and thought it's a great morning to plant my pot. Now anyone that knows me is probably starring at the computer screen right now thinking, "D got up really early"? They may even be paralyzed in front of their computer screens right now, I hope they don't get stuck like that all day. Anyway, it's a true story, I even shocked the contractor when he showed up (remember the bathroom remodel, now 5 months strong at least I have been able to shower and .... for about a week now).

I don't know if your planting goes like mine, I guess I should have taken pictures of the process, but I was a mess. I laid out plastic, but the dirt still got everywhere. Oh, by the way, do you like my cover picture of the remnants of last years pot? Here's what it looked like when it was "new". :)

D Dennison-TSM Annual Flower Pot 2012

Every year I try to pick different colors and varieties of grass or some greenery. Sometimes I get home and look at my spread and think hmmm... I think I had that last year... oh well, I like what I like! This year it turned out fairly different, maybe some similar colors, but different just the same.

D Dennison-TSM- Annual Flower Pot 2013 2