Honestly, I didn't even know that it was "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" until I got to work this morning. So needless to say, I forgot mine at home. But, because of the glorious internet, I can still kind of bring her to work. So here is a little something for Shai from Daddy...

At some point almost every single day I find myself thinking, WOW, it is really hard to believe that I have a little girl who is almost four. It truly seems like yesterday that I was that age. Going to truck pulls with my dad and playing with Matchbox cars in my spare time. Now I am taking my Shai to the circus and playing with baby dolls in my spare time.

It was really not that long ago that I had no idea what life was all about. I was relatively independent, selfish, and only cared about having a good time. Don't get me wrong, I still love to have a good time, but a god time means something totally different now. Before it was a night on the town with a few friends, now it's a day at the park with my favorite friend!

I really didn't know that the sort of love I have for Shai existed. The pick the stuck booger out of your nose love, the change your wet sheets at 3 am love, the "I love you" and a great big hug after you just broke my favorite video game kind of love. Sure, there are days I wonder what I did so wrong to deserve the karma I am receiving, but every night I forget all about that stuff when I get a big hug, a kiss, and a "Love you to the moon, to the stars, and all the way back, Daddy!"

As most would and should say about their children, there is nothing I wouldn't do, and nothing I love more than my little Shai Monster!

I guess they don't exist, but if there were ever a "Take Your Son to Work Day" I would also participate in that. With Shai, some cartoons on YouTube would have kept the equipment in my studio safe, but Quinntyn on the hand would have my studio destroyed faster than I could say NOOO Qui.....

Happy "Take Your Daughter to Work Day!"