You know that I am a road warrior, nothing makes me more upset than to run across stupid on the road. Whether it's a failure to signal, cross three lines of traffic because you just realized you needed McDonalds or something from Walmart and cutting me off to go 20 miles under the speed limit.


While thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes get the most attention from the media, car accidents caused by bad weather conditions are the biggest killer in the United States. According to some data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), 7,000 people lose their lives each year in weather-related wrecks on American highways.

Maybe 7 thousand weather related deaths a year doesn't seem like a lot to you, but just one death will leave ripples in this life that can effect more than 7 thousand. It's not a lot to ask, turn your lights on and no, parking lights don't count (believe it or not but they really are for PARKING)

Be a smart driving in adverse weather conditions (and at all other times):

  • Slow down
  • Stay towards the middle of the lane as water tends to pool on the outside lanes
  • Use the 3 second rule and don't follow too closely
  • Avoid using your brakes hard, rather let up on the accelerator
  • Turn on your headlights, this helps you and other drivers see more clearly in questionable weather conditions

Most importantly-BE SAFE!!!!!