Today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. I love PB&J and have since I was a kid. There are few things tastier than a PB&J on some gooey white bread with a huge glass of cold milk. When I was little I only used grape jelly on my PB&J, as I got older my taste changed to strawberry jelly. One thing odd about my PB&J's is that I love to put potato chips in my sandwich. It may sound odd but once you try it with that salty goodness of the chips on it you too will be hooked. I know our own Charley Barnes like his with just peanut butter and cheese and grills it. That is just odd and doesn't count as a PB&J to me.

How do you like yours? Take the poll below and let me know your preference. Feel free to add you own little twist to it and tell us about it. Mmmmm...can't wait to get home and make one of these bad boys today.