Not too long ago, I discovered how good pancakes are. Growing up, they were not a staple in my mom's kitchen. She preferred French Toast served with Log Cabin Maple Syrup and of course BUTTER...yum. With many new restaurants in NOCO and so many breakfast options, my eye's and mouth were opened to hotcakes.

My favorite flapjack is at Doug's in Fort Collins. There is no doubt in my mind the cook is an angel to whip up these huge delectable cakes...served with homemade strawberry jam and BUTTER. Order the 'One Plus' and get an egg and bacon with it.

My OTHER favorite pancake is at the new Famous Toastery on Harmony. Who knew
Chocolate Chip Pancakes with BUTTER could be soooo mouthwatering.

Due to my work schedule, I'm really not much fun at night so my husband and I have standing dates weekend mornings to go out for breakfast. I should have MORE restaurant/pancake options in this story but we tend to go where the best pancakes mentioned above.