How did I almost miss this... sure, I have already packed my lunch of a protein bar and some turkey jerky, but this HOLIDAY must be honored!

What will you eat today... seriously if you could really eat anything you wanted what would be on your list?

D's if I could eat anything today list:

  1. Cheese lovers pizza with double pepperoni
  2. a Large Stouffers Mac and Cheese
  3. Pot Roast with mashed potatoes and gravy-lots of gravy
  4. Two bread baskets from Jays Bistro with whipped butter (okay and the Lobster Mac n Cheese)
  5. Tuscan white bean soup from Enzios
  6. My fried chicken with Franks hot sauce and buttermilk ranch
  7. a Loaf of traditional cheesy garlic bread from Caninos-yes, the whole loaf! (and if you insist the lasagna) :P
  8. 3 Cheese Queso nachos with ground beef at Qdoba
  9. a Cuban sandwich-not toasted
  10. a Bacon, cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato and red onion burger-on a flat grill-that's right baby, I love it fried! (the drippier the better-oh and I'll take it medium-rare)

I think if you'd let me I could keep going... come on, scroll down to the comment section and tell me, if money and calories... okay are artery clogging wasn't an issue... what would you splurge on today?