You know what tickles me? It's when citizens in my community are thoughtful
to each other and to me. I love when I've given another driver room to maneuver
a tight turn and he waves to me.That acknowledgment speaks volumes about
being courteous to one another. I enjoy making people smile, in fact, I thrive on it.

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Picture it: a grocery store parking lot where I pull up and park next to someone loading their purchases to leave. I offer to take that empty cart back into the store. It's fun to see their smiles AND I have the cart to do my shopping. While no-one has yet done that for me, I remain hopeful someone will.

The reality is that we are all often preoccupied with our own thoughts, to-do lists and too little time in the day. Don't even get me started on the oblivious folks staring at cell phones!

I don't believe that (some of) my co-workers with whom I share my studio conscientiously leave a mess.They just don't think to pick up after themselves nor do they leave things in order as I do each day. I am being respectful to them and remain optimistic that one day these 'youngsters' may realize that their moms don't work here.

When a kind soul holds the door open for me, I genuinely appreciate the courtesy and
let them know...whether it's a stranger, a friend, my dear co-workers or my husband. How about you?

See more about National Common Courtesy Day HERE.