The lady you see in the picture is Sara. Sara is by far the person that will sacrifice all of herself to help anyone. She has a heart of gold and the patience of Gandhi. I am lucky enough to call her my wife, but even more importantly our kids are blessed enough to call her Mommy.

I have had the fortune of having good women around me for my whole life. My mom and step mother were there through all my accomplishments and all my heartbreaks. To this day, if something is wrong in my life or if there is good news that I just can't keep to myself, they are among the first to know. No matter what I do in my life, there is no way I could repay them for all the countless hours they have invested to make me the man I am today. I can only say thank you and even than, that will never be enough.

The other good woman in my life is the aforementioned Sara. She came to me at a time in my life when the only view I had was through the bottom of a liquor bottle. If she hadn't came into my life, chances are I would not even be alive due to my own self destructive ways. I make it a point ever so often to thank her for saving my life. I wish she could fully understand the positive impact on the lives of our three daughters and I. Sara is the glue that holds this family together. A bond stronger than any metal. In everything that's great about our kids, I see her. I sincerely mean it when I say, "There are so many wonderful women that are mothers in this world, but I would be hard pressed to find one as special as Sara." People often tell me that I'm a lucky man. I just simply reply "Thank you, but I am blessed. Happy Mother's Day Dollface. To all the mothers out there, I wish you all a very Blessed. Mother's Day.