I think back to this last March, and I sure am happy with one certain decision I made. There was a buddy of mine who approached me about buying a good portion of his season tickets to the Colorado Rockies. Because there is nothing I rather do during the summer than drink lemonade at Coors Field I considered. After debating I decided to spend my money elsewhere. Thank goodness. Earlier this week the Rockies tonight wrapped up the worst season in franchise history.

It was supposed to be a special year. The Rockies were celebrating their 20th anniversary, the team called the season the "Year of the Fan," and on paper the team looked like they might be able to compete. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The 20th year turned out to be the worst, fans quit going to watch a team that was horrible, and I wonder if they could have competed against minor league opponents.

I know, every team will have a bad season here and there. It's no longer about what happened this year, but what we can do to compete next year. Here are some suggestions from me...

  • Upgrade the Pitching

The Rockies' pitching staff is dead last in just about every category that matters. You're not going to win many games when your ERA is above five and opponents are hitting nearly .300 off of you.

  • Keep the Offense Intact

Lost in the midst of the Rockies pitching debacle is the fact that the Rockies have a really good offensive team. A rookie catcher who can crush the ball (Wilan Rosario), one of the best shortstops in the game (Troy Tulowitzki), and a left fielder who is probably in the top ten best hitters in the game (Carlos Gonzalez). Three guys that any team would love to have, we have. Keep 'em!

  • Don't Give Up

Building on my last point, if you trade either Tulo or Cargo you are waving the white flag for many years to come. While the writers to the east and the bewildered local fans might propose this idea to trade these guys will work, it is one that won't work. It's easy to say that trading away the best aspect of your team when the chips are down is a good thing to do, but the Rockies aren't completely in rebuilding mode. It's merely a mix of injuries, inexperience and a flat out lack of execution from the pitchers that account for the position that the Rockies are in today.

  • Get rid of GM Dan O' Dowd

I know it probably won't happen because we have heard it too many times, Dick Monfort thinks Dan O' Dowd is the best GM in baseball, but he isn't. He was finally given a no limitations (money-wise) off-season, and he went out and gave big bucks to Michael Cuddyer and Marco Scutaro. We needed pitching!! He doesn't get it.

I was hoping that a this time of year we would be cheering the team onto the playoffs, but instead cheers to this dismal season being over with!