As a father that works quite a bit, I make time ever so often to have a date night with some very special ladies. Yes, I said "ladies" and yes my wife knows about them and .....YES..... she is quite comfortable with our arrangement. You thought I was talking about girlfriends? Hell no! My wife would chop off body parts I have become accustomed to. No, in fact I'm speaking of my daughters. I make time to carry each one of my daughters on a Daddy-Daughter date. I am charged with raising my girls and NOT letting the world do it for me. I tailor a special date for each one of them. We try new things. For example, a couple of weeks ago, my oldest Katlynn accompanied me on the Realities Ride for Children poker run. This time it was my 8yr old, Rylie's turn and boy did we have a great time!

Rylie and I love us some burgers! So we tried a place that each one of had been eye-ing for quite a while. Stuft Burger Bar in Windsor. The food was great and the waitress gave Rylie quarters to play the video game while she waited for her food to come out. It was charming and gave Rylie and I a moment to reconnect. It felt good to be able to speak to my daughter and have a conversation about everything from school to the new styles of clothing to the 20 or so boys she is "crushing" on now. Dinner was great, but I had something bigger and better in mind. It was definitely different than my princess of an 8 yr old had ever done before...INDOOR FOOTBALL!

The ONLY thing Rylie knew about football was Tim Tebow. I am a big fan of him, but leave it to my wife to tell Rylie how dreamy he is. When we showed up to the Budweiser Events Center to watch the Colorado Ice, Rylie didn't know what to expect. We got through the ticket gate and were making our way to our seats when we passed a couple of the cheerleaders and Rylie's eyes lit up. The two cheerleaders took an actual interest in talking with Rylie and found out that she has a gymnastics background just like them. After the picture, Rylie had a smile you couldn't have wiped off with Clorox.

Danny Joe TSM

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Rylie, you'd know she is very quiet untill she gets comfortable around you. So, it was no surprise to me that in the first quarter of the game, she was really reserved in participating in the crowd chants and making noise to help the defense. But when the second quarter started, she started to loosen up and had already picked out her favorite player, Rico McCoy middle linebacker for the Ice. She told me she liked the way he gave everybody high fives and the way he hit people. I did a double take making sure what I had just heard. "The way he hits people?" "Yeah" she said "#5 hits people real hard!" as I saw a twinkle in her eye. My eyes weren't tearing up. They were trying to wash the remnants of peanuts off my cheeks. Yeah, let's go with that.

At half time Rylie got to do the Cha Cha Slide on the field and have her picture taken with my friend and personality at our sister station Loudwire 94.3 Butch.

Danny Joe TSM

During the game, Rylie didn't get one ball, she got TWO! By the time the fourth quarter had come, I couldn't keep her in her seat. Everytime the music came on, Rylie was dancing and since it helped her favorite player on defense she was screaming so loud, I swear a Yhetti had been unleashed. After the game, We went down on the field and Rylie had every cheerleader sign her ball and got to take a picture with #5 Rico McCoy. Upon hearing the news that this was Rylie's first game and he was her favorite player, he looked my little girl in the eyes and said it was his honor. After hearing that, I felt my eyes needed to water the fake turf. How do you cap off a Daddy-Daughter date night? With an ice cream cone on the way home of course!

Danny Joe TSM

I am thankful that I get to do these nights with my daughters. It gives me a chance to strengthen an already unbreakable bond and lets my little ladies know that Daddy will ALWAYS be here when they need him.