I love days when I have the time to think about things that really don't matter.  Last Sunday was one of those days and now I need your help.

Last Sunday I decided to jump on my 2008 Harley Davidson CVO FLHTCUSE3 (every chance I get to say it) and buzz down to my favorite joint in Manitou Springs for a calzone. Of course I took the long way home through Woodland Park, Deckers etc., but it was while I was on the Peak to Peak around dusk I asked myself,

Self, are there more trees or stars in our immediate universe?

I only asked myself the question after really pondering how many trees I had seen that day and at that very moment, the vast number that was right in my close proximity.  Then throw in places like the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Alaska and all the other places around the world like Brazil, China and Australia to all the jungles of the world.

So just taking our galaxy into the equation, not Star Trek worlds, black holes etc., just the galaxy we know, love and live in compared to every single tree on the planet no matter it's size.  Don't just vote with a knee-jerk reaction, really think about it in relation to sq foot or square mile for example.  Think it through...

Let me know below and I promise I will sleep much better this evening.  To keep it fair I will vote but won't announce my selection unless asked privately so I don't encourage the vote either way.