If you me or have ever listened to me on the radio you probably know I have done a little bit of bowling in my day. Ok, I have done a lot of bowling! It has become a love/hate relationship, but mostly hate over the last few years. It had become a job for me and I actually dreaded the thought of it, but bowling season is here, and for the first time in a long time I am ready!

My displeasure for the sport may have come from the fact that I had bowled just about everyday since I was big enough to hold a ball, and I worked in a bowling center for about half of my life. Weekdays for me were for practicing, weeknights were for working the bowling center, and weekends were for tournaments. I lived bowling for a long time.

Over the last year I have been away from the sport that once ruled my life, and it has taken a toll on my skills, but it has also added the spice back to my life that I had been missing. I am so out of the loop when it comes to all the new bowling equipment and terminology that it is like a whole new game to me, and actually sounds more like fun than work.

For me, it's time to pull the fancy bowling pants out of the closet and hit the lanes. Oh and by the way if you are interested in having a little fun one night a week for the fall and winter, leagues are forming all over Northern Colorado at Highland Park Lanes and Chipper's Classic Lanes in Greeley, Sweetheart Lanes in Loveland, and at both Chipper's Lanes Horsetooth Center and College Center in Fort Collins.

Happy bowling season!