There are few things worse in my world then walking into the restroom and being greeting by the stink of someones bottom. The thoughts that rush through my head, everyone will think it was me, good golly what did they eat, please dear Lord make the smell go away.


I know there are some boys that are all about the ode to them smell left behind, like they just met the president or threw the winning touchdown pass in the Superbowl, but for girls, not so much. Here's what I don't understand; typically in bathroom stalls across America, there is an aerosol can that eliminates the odor or at least mixes with it to add a vanilla or mango flare to your pile left behind. Why don't more women use this incredible invention? Now I agree too much lemon scent in the air is nearly as bad, but being suffocated by lemons verses poo just sounds like a better way to go.

You might think at this point that I believe that  I don't ever leave a stinky watery eye inducing smell behind, but I know that I do and I use the aerosol can and warn anyone I may pass on the way out not to go in there or to take a deep breath. Yes it may be a bit uncomfortable talking about poo, but it's in all of us and its gotta come out from time to time. No matter how much we train our systems to go at the same time everyday, at home, there is the occasional emergency or unexpected incident. Just use the aerosol can, please.

Join me next week when I dive into the "do you use the bathroom stall of the woman who didn't wash her hands"? :P