I'll never give up or quite getting on my podium about driving. Sometimes stupid rules and I hope if I talk enough about it the smart drivers will reign over the less smart drivers on our roads where our parents, children, friends and mates drive.


Seriously, it ain't the weather, it's all these crazy drivers. Hold on, I know that I can be a little harsh, but really, it's pretty simple:

  • Remove the snow from your windows, all of them (and your headlights/taillights)
  • Use your turning signals
  • Don't lane change in anticipation of an upcoming turn on a snowy morning 10 seconds after you should have and still expect to make your turn without running into someone
  • Turn your lights on, I get that you can forget on a cloudy/snowy morning, cause its um, ahh.... light (not) out, but please for Pete Sakes, turn on your lights at 4 in the afternoon when the clouds have closed up the sky and it is snowing.
  • Don't speed up to make the stale yellow light, whether turning or going forward
  • Pay attention to the traffic in front of you and don't munch on someones bumper, it really won't get you were you are going any faster.

Yesterday on my way home, between Snow Mesa and College in Fort Collins I past or was detained by three...THREE...  3... '3' accidents, all with ambulance service. Come on, I know its suppose to be SPRING, but seriously we see this even when it's really winter-pay attention. PASS THE WORD!

PS... Check that your lights are in working order, this morning I traveled behind TWO vehicles without working brake lights (the red ones that come on in the back of your vehicle to notify drivers behind you that you are stopping), one a mini van and one a business delivery truck (shame shame)