Many young women have been filing out college admin forms and a lot have already been accepted. And a lot are going out of state in just a few short months, will your daughter be safe?

It's a part of life... you send your kids off to school, you protect them while they are in the nest and then one day they fly away... off into their own adventures and life. We always worry about them and their safety no matter how near or far they are.

Forbes has come out with a list the most dangerous cities for women.

the most dangerous cities for women:

  1. Saginaw, Michigan
  2. Anchorage, Alaska
  3. Fairbanks, Alaska
  4. Springfield, Illinois
  5. Redding, California
  6. Flint, Michigan
  7. Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  8. Lawton, Oklahoma
  9. Battle Creek, Michigan
  10. Memphis, Tennessee

Forbes calculated the risks against women by measuring experiences of  violent crimes or sexual assault against them. They utilized reports from the FBI in area's of murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

do these towns have colleges and universities?

  1. Saginaw: 5 colleges or universities
  2. Anchorage has 4 higher education facilities
  3. Fairbanks: at least 1
  4. Springfield hosts 3 universities
  5. Redding: as many as 7 higher education facilities
  6. Flint: 4 colleges or universities
  7. Pine Bluff: 2
  8. Lawton has at least 1 higher education facility
  9. Battle Creek has approximately 6 colleges and universities
  10. Memphis has over 10 higher education facilities

The list of potential schools in the dangerous cities for women is merely for information, no school in the said cities, that I know of,  stands out as any more dangerous than any other school.