I'm a bit surprised trucks don't look more like this. OK, maybe not this 'far out' but I must admit this is pretty cutting edge technology that can't be ignored.

Walmart is getting into the truck-design business with the WAVE, otherwise known as the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience. The whole idea behind this is of course fuel efficiency and less emissions etc. With new 'Fuel Economy Rules' coming out for manufacturers in 2019, design changes are coming but don't expect Walmart to start producing these anytime soon.

Although the entire truck is made of Carbon Fiber, the biggest feature on the truck you can't see are the carbon fiber trailer walls. Spanning 53', the trailer walls are actually the first single pieces of carbon fiber that large that have ever manufactured. The new trailer design alone reduces 4000 pounds which increased load capacity and/or less fuel consumption.

The alien looking truck boasts a range-extended electric powertrain that has a micro-turbine and an electric motor. No word on gas mileage but it has to be better than even the AirFlow 'Bullet' which gets 13.4 mpg or the Peterbilt and Cummins 'SuperTruck' which gets about 10.7 mpg.  It might not sound like good mileage but it's better than the normal 5-6 mpg of these big rigs.

So what do you think? Love it or hate it? Leave your comments below for everyone to see...this could be fun.