When I think about Philadelphia, I like to think of America: The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The Founding Fathers.

But all that stuff happened hundreds of years ago.

Today, I think our Founding Fathers would pitch a fit about some of the stuff happening in politics today.

Including THIS story of a councilwoman in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia they have this program: The Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). Which, originally designed for uniform and civil service personnel, was established to cut down on the amount of money pensions were costing Philadelphia:  Workers can take a big sum of money up front when they retire, but then take a smaller amount in their monthly pension benefits.

Makes a lot of sense.

When you actually retire.

Here's where my beef comes in.

Marian Tasco (Democrat) has served six terms on the Philadelphia City Council, most recently as the Majority Leader. I'm sure she has done lots of great things for the city.  One of her actions was, in fact, a bill to reduce the amount of money DROP costs the city.

Here's what she's going to do:  Hang on to your hat-- she's going to retire for ONE DAY.

With that, she will get a check for $487,000- almost half a million dollars!

Then, she will get back to working on The Philadelphia City Council.

This one-day retirement will be during her SEVENTH term as a member of the City Council!

Some sort of loop-hole lets her be re-elected and therefore be back at work making a living.  Not just that- but she's now also able to receive- when she DOES retire- $8,900 in pension benefits- PER MONTH!  That's almost $107,000 per year-- after she's already collected $487,000 to RETIRE.


She is one of seven council members who took advantage of DROP.  Five of those, did NOT seek re-election. The other remaining member who took DROP and sought re-election like Trasco (Rizzo the Republican), did not get re-elected.

But I have to ask: