I have been putting it off for way too long, that dreaded trip down to the DMV even though I could have made it simple by mailing it in, like every year. But what happens?  I forget and then have to make that dreaded trip down to "you know where."

So I finally broke down and headed out to "O" street and once I saw NASCAR type moves in and out of the parking lot I knew it would be bad.  Sure enough, both lines out the door and spilling out of the building.  I needed to use the restroom anyway before leaving and coming back another day so not a total waste.

But while I was in the restroom I thought of several things that I would rather do, like:

  • A trip to the dentist
  • Ballet with the better half
  • Dinner play with Todd, wait, I take that one back
  • Road Trip with Richard Simmons
  • Wait for the cable guy

What did I miss?  Leave your most miserable thing to do in the comment section below.