Is it just me or are we getting harder to get in touch with? We have texting and facebooking and tweeting, all types of social media but we still are very elusive. We now know who is trying to contact us and make decisions whether to take the message or not. I come to work in the morning and go through hundreds of emails. The majority of them are junk so I just start furiously deleting them. I know I sometime accidentally delete things that I should have read but don't. I know that I am guilty of seeing an incoming call and decide if I really have time to talk or just let it go to voice mail. I know that a lot of times I will read and text and think that I will respond later and forget.

I remember when all we had were land lines and if the phone rang you ran to answer it. You always wondered who was calling and if you didn't get to the phone your mind went nuts wondering what you missed. I believe we all quit being reachable when caller id was invented. We could then pick and choose who we spoke to.

The more technology we have that is supposed to keep us connected is actually having the opposite effect in my mind. I have actually been busted not taking a call. I was driving down the road when my phone rang. I picked it up and looked at who it was, shook my head and said "denied" then let it go to voice mail. I listened to the message that was from a buddy of mine saying, "next time you look at your phone and decide not to answer it, make sure that person isn't driving right behind you watching you, jerk".

Do you answer all your calls and messages? I won't count on a response.