A small town in Alabama, hard hit by tornadoes on April 27th , has left many homeless.  Get the story on how the Mayor of the town won't even bend the rules to let FEMA provide shelter.

Cordova, Alabama was hit by not just one, but two tornadoes on April 27th, destroying much of the town and leaving many displaced.

Here is some video of the damage:

FEMA is ready to move in single-wide trailers for the now homeless residents to occupy, but there is law that bans those trailers in Cordova- and Mayor Jack Scott will not rescind the law, "even in the case of a tornado."

Adding more fuel the the controversy is that the city's government IS using single-wide trailers - otherwise they would have no place to operate.

From AL.com:

"The FEMA-supplied trailers used today aren't like the ones used after Hurricane Katrina or in earlier storms across the Gulf Coast. They are good-sized single-wides. They aren't permanent homes, though. They're intended to provide temporary housing until a storm survivor rebuilds his home. FEMA officials say it's good for people who lost their homes to live on their land while they are rebuilding their homes.

Get their full story here.

This is just crazy.  Is it not?