I just read a stat that said 18% of people have lent someone a lighter and never had it returned. I am surprised the number is not higher. Is there any item that is stolen more often? How many times have you handed a friend your lighter and then they instinctively put it in their pocket? You would like to think it is an accident.

Brian Gary, TSM

I have lent many people movies or Cd's that never find their way back. We have probably all loaned a few bucks to a friend that was never returned as well but I would say lighters are the most frequently heisted. I need to point out the biggest lighter thief on the planet though...Charley Barnes. Charley actually makes it a game and will try to get away with stealing yours. He is so good at it that sometimes he doesn't even notice he did it. I don't know how many times I have gotten home from visiting Charley and gotten a message "dude, sorry I stole your lighter." Do you have a flame heister in your circle of friends or is it you who is the thief?