Is it time to forgive the Dixie Chicks?

Back in 2003 there was no bigger act in the world than the Dixie Chicks. They were riding high with their Top Of The World tour, selling out every venue they played. Then came that show in London when Natalie Maines made the statement that she was “ashamed that the president was from Texas.” I think we all know the uproar the caused. Due to the immediate response from the listeners, us, along with basically every other country station in the USA, had to pull their music. We really had no choice. The amount of people who were so upset over it was amazing to me. I knew there would be people upset but never imagined the outpouring of anger over her remarks. Every news group ran with the story and made it sound like they were anti troops or anti American, which is not what was said at all. We all have the freedom of speech and she had every right to say what she felt and the public had every right to boycott them. Our military has fought for that right since the inception of our nation. I personally think entertainers should keep their political views to themselves unless they are on a news show. I don’t feel a concert stage is the place for political talk, especially in another country, but she had the right to say what she wanted.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It has been 8 years now…is it time to forgive? Michael Vick beat dogs and just got a $100 million contract. Charlie Sheen can be psycho out of control and people buy tickets to his show. The history of music is filled with questionable characters who have committed much worse crimes, spousal abuse, robbery, manslaughter, public disorder, I could go on and on. Yet we still embrace these artists and know they are human and do some things that we don’t approve of but realize they are human and just artists making music. That is what this is all about to me is music. I miss the Dixie Chicks music. I miss “Cowboy Take Me Away”, “Goodbye Earl”, “Traveling Soldier”, “Landslide” and “Wide Open Spaces” to name a few. I feel a group of strong successful women who stand up for what they believe are actually good role models for young folks. When we think about what really happened, what really was said, has the price been paid? I think it has. They have paid the price greatly for what Natalie said. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reiley and more have made a living out of saying what they feel about our elected officials. I know that is their job and we expect that from them so we tend to accept what they say and move on. Is it time to get over this and move ahead or is it still raw to you?

I want to know what you think. My opinion is that I love this country and feel that we all have right to say whatever we feel but also must know there are consequences that go along with that freedom. I personally feel they have been punished far beyond reason and I would love to hear their music again but you are the ones who really make that decision. Are you ready to hear them again or is it still a raw nerve. There is no wrong or right answer. How do you honestly feel about it inside? I will start by saying…Yes, I think it is time to forgive and move on.