There is definitely a thin line here when you have to define the difference between real interest and internet addiction, but if you had to give a definite answer, what would you say? (CAUTION: ABOUT :20 IN LANGUAGE MAY BE OFFENSIVE)

So, why the Cher video? Well here's the deal... I saw yet another posting from another friend going to see Cher in concert... I don't care what genre of music you like, she has been rocking it for 35 years. And I do not know how she looks like that, moves like that and still sings like that at 68!!!! (okay in the video above she is 67)Today, yes, the woman is 68, talk about age is a state of mind! And if she has had plastic surgery, can she please share her surgeon with Kenny Rogers, I Dream of Jennie, Courtney Cox and the many other hideous knife jobs?

So why was I up so late, outside of being a night owl anyway, I watched one of her Vegas shows online, fast forwarded through very little of the 1:26 tapping, that's one hour and 26 minutes(I didn't want to do to you what I dd to myself last night so I picked a video with one song, one that is most appealing to Country Music fans, plus she is wearing a concho belt)... Clips from the Sonny and Cher show... It was like hopping on a time capsule back to before crows feet were only something on a crow.

I think that I was addicted to the way I felt watching Cher and remembering my mom and all the memories we had when we would listen to Cher. It also brought memories back of sitting on the couch sharing the album cover from a Star is Born or more importantly the sleeve and singing along with Barbara Streisand or belting out Dolly Parton's (there's another ageless and beautiful woman) 'Coat of Many Colors' and 'Me and Little Andy'. I don't think that last night I was addicted to the internet, but I do think sometimes I can get caught up in the multilayered web.

For the love of music, thank you for taking the journey with me!