Stephen Warner (#63) may have the coolest job in football today.  Yes, he plays a position on the offensive line that has been a role on the O line since the beginning of the sport but his position has never really been played before and what he does may be the rarest thing  you will ever see in college football.  And Warner doesn't do it just once in awhile, he does it during every game and you won't believe it.

Warner, a senior, doesn't just snap the ball and block. He gets the plays from the sideline, reads the defense, calls the blocking assignments and then barks the snap count. He might have the most unique job in college football.

Ya...he's not only the center but he is also the quarterback.  Well, he does everything a QB would do except pass or hand off the ball and that's only because he can't snap it to himself.  Crazy.  And not only is he doing all the assessment of the play but he then has to do his actual job of blocking once he snaps the ball to the, ah, ball thrower or the ball hand off guy or whatever it is they call that other guy now on the offense.

In fact, there offense and confusion of their foes defense has been so successful that the Tech offense is the only one in the country to score 50 or more points in each of its first three games. The Bulldogs are 17-for-17 in red zone scoring (16 touchdowns) and it they have scored eight touchdowns in less than a minute.

He'll go down as the only QB with no touchdowns, interceptions, passing yards or anything else for that matter.

The team MVP is still just an O linemen. Crazy.